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You take immense pride in your work, yet one seemingly small mishap could permanently threaten your livelihood — Tradie Insurance will safeguard your business from the unexpected.

Stolen tools or equipment, damage to a customer’s property, or a serious third-party injury — possible events that could mean you and your operation are challenged by significant claims, substantial compensation demands, and hefty legal fees.

AJ Insurance Services works with you to deliver robust tradies insurance that’s tailored to the specific risks faced by your area of expertise. Whether you’re a bricklayer, handyman, or garden landscaper — our comprehensive policies provide welcome peace of mind and ensure the continuance of your business.

Why You Need Tradie Insurance

You don’t sit cocooned in a cosy office every day tapping away at a computer — you and your staff are out there in the real world.

Being a tradie, or running a team of tradespersons, carries more intrinsic threats than possibly any other operational sphere. The nature of trade work is inherently high risk, due to:

  • Using high-value equipment that’s liable to theft.
  • Wielding hazardous tools.
  • Working in difficult, often outdoor, conditions.
  • Operating in numerous locations.
  • Carrying on your business on perilous construction sites.
  • Working in people’s homes.

A single unforeseen event could permanently affect your operation — whether that’s losing valuable equipment essential for your work, or accidentally causing physical injury to a client or member of the public.

That’s why insurance for tradesmen and tradeswomen is crucial. Should a claim arise, your targeted protection will address costly claims and litigation fees to safeguard your enterprise.

Furthermore, most respectable contractors and work contracts require their tradespersons to have sufficient policy cover before they agree on a business relationship.

Which Trades Benefit From Tradesman’s Insurance?

If you’re a skilled manual worker that provides services for remuneration — or an operation that supplies such persons — it’s crucial that you have tradie insurance in Australia.

The number of trade formats is vast, but AJ Insurance Services’ most popular policies include:


Solar installers insurance


Electricians insurance


Plumbers tradie cover


Builders tradesmen insurance


Carpenters tradesperson insurance


Tilers trade insurance


Concreters tradie cover


Carpet layers tradesmen insurance


Painters trade insurance


Window and door fitters tradesperson insurance


Roofers tradie insurance


Blinds and shutters installers insurance


Construction forms tradesperson insurance


High-rise developer’s tradesmen insurance


Developers using tradespeople insurance


Road layers trade insurance


Line markers tradie insurance


Bridge construction workers trading insurance


Rail construction labourers tradesperson insurance


Contractor’s insurance

What Cover Is Included in Tradespersons Insurance?

At AJ Insurance Services, we will take time to fully understand how you operate, the scale of your operation, and the specific threats faced by your business. This allows us to deliver you with the most comprehensive and watertight protection.

Whether it’s straightforward car and tool insurance for tradies operating as a sole trader or more complex trades public liability insurance for significantly-sized companies — you’re assured bespoke cover that addresses your particular requirements.

While protection is individually tailored to your business, tradies have one thing in common — they all need the following insurances:

Tradesman Public Liability Insurance

Typically needed before you can enter a works site, and often a statutory requirement for joining trade bodies — Public Liability Insurance for tradesman safeguards your business from costly claims.

It focuses on protecting you, and/or your enterprise, should a member of the public, supplier, or contractor become injured because of your activities. This cover also safeguards against third-party property damage.

Tradies Professional Indemnity Insurance

In the course of your work, it’s not unusual to share your valuable experience and advice with fellow traders, customers, and clients. But, if they follow your guidance — and a mishap occurs — your livelihood could be threatened.

Professional Indemnity Insurance defends your business against third-party claims for losses — and associated legal costs — relating to negligence (alleged or actual), errors or omissions following your professional advice.  

Commercial Motor Insurance

As a hardworking Australian tradie, your ute, mini-van or car isn’t just one of your most valuable assets — it’s also one of the most crucial. If it was stolen or seriously damaged — could your business survive while it’s off the road?

Our tradies Commercial Vehicle Insurance protects your vehicle in the event of theft and accidents as well as liabilities to third parties and their property. Addressing the costs of repair or replacement, it permits you to be rapidly mobile again.

Tradie General Property Insurance — Tradies Tools Insurance

Whether you utilise hammer drills, chainsaws, or cement mixers — your equipment and tools are necessary for your jobs. If they were accidentally broken, maliciously vandalised, or stolen — you could be unable to work and need expensive substitutes.

General Property Insurance — sometimes called trade tools insurance — addresses the costs of replacing or repairing your tools in the event of accidental damage or theft. Whether from a private property, construction site, home, or third-party premises.

Read more about Tools Insurance in my interview with Tool Cobber.

In addition to the critical protections above, many of our tradie contractors also opt for:

Commercial Property Insurance

If you operate from your own workshop or unit — or run a significantly sized operation employing tradies, necessitating offices, stores, and manufacturing space — you need Commercial Property Insurance to defend your premises.

In addition to addressing claims arising from natural events — such as fire, flood, and storm damage — it can also safeguard against expenses related to vandalism and theft.

Tradies Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

As a tradie, you depend upon your physical fitness for both your day-to-day jobs and to ensure your business continues to operate — especially if you’re a sole trader. But, if an accident or illness prevented you from fulfilling your duties, your livelihood could be in peril.

Our tradies illness and personal accident insurance provides a welcome income or lump sum payment in the event of illness, permanent disability, and death.

Workers’ Compensation

Should your operation employ tradies, Workers’ Compensation Insurance is compulsory — in all of Australia’s territories and states. It permits payments to your workers if they are injured or develop an illness as a result of your activities.

While not exhaustive, the compensation provides funds for wage coverage while not fit for duty, rehabilitation expenses, and medical costs.

Tradies Tax Audit Insurance

The ATO knocking on your door to investigate your books can be worrying, stressful, and time-consuming.

Typically, an ATO investigation necessitates the utilisation of financial professionals — usually accountants — to assist and guide you through the whole process. Our tradies Tax Audit Insurance addresses specific costs relating to a tax examination.

Why Opt for AJ Insurance Services for Your Tradie Insurance?

At AJ Insurance Services, our team of specialists provide an unparalleled service to Australia’s proud tradies — whether a sole trader or large corporation.

Tailoring your cover to suit the needs and requirements of your specific skill and business sphere — we ensure that you are sufficiently protected from inherent threats, and don’t pay for unnecessary cover.

From basic insurance for tools of trade or complex multi-employee workers’ compensation packages — you’re assured the pinnacle of transparency, professionalism, and diligence.

✔ Action-orientated risk management, tools, and advice.

Explaining the how and the why behind your tradie package.

✔ Focused defence that protects your specific tradie business.

✔ A partner who works for you, not the insurer.

✔ Reassurance of being a respected tradie specialist.

✔ Proactive claims process.

✔ Online package management.

✔ Pleasingly affordable premiums.

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