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If your information technology system isn’t sufficiently safeguarded, you and your business are exposed to serious threats — Cyber Insurance defends your operation against losses arising from online criminals.

Undoubtedly, you already have malware and/or antivirus software installed on your IT infrastructure — but this isn’t 100 percent effective. One innocent human error — a risky download, negligent mouse-click, or stolen smartphone — and your entire enterprise could be facing expensive claims, legal costs, or loss of crucial data.

AJ Insurance Services’ cyber risk insurance experts are on your side — working to deliver formidable, tailored packages that shield your business from the expense of malicious attacks while providing welcome peace of mind.

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What Is Cyber Security Insurance?

If your PC, laptop, hard drive, or server is stolen or maliciously damaged — you’re usually protected by your General Property Insurance. But, while this safeguards your hardware assets, it doesn’t address your vast bank of essential and valuable data.

Although not exhaustive, the most common cyber threats are:

Cyber Liability Insurance









Social engineering






DOS (Denial of Service) attacks

The vast number of risks is concerning, but more serious are the devastating consequences of these criminal activities — loss of your data, stolen customer information including personal financial details, system downtime, and trust or reputation damage.

Furthermore, as a result of the above, your business could be left facing court costs and claims, reparation expenses, customer and client compensation, and legal penalties and fines.

Do You Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

If your business stores data and has online access — it’s crucial that you consider cyber liability coverage.

Shocking government research indicates that in the course of one year, over 690k Australian businesses experienced cybercrime. This led to 40 percent of these enterprises suffering business disruption, 29 percent information loss, and 25 percent revenue loss.

Furthermore, an alarming additional study indicates that the estimated cost of a cyber attack to an Australian small-to-medium enterprise (SME) is around $1.3M.

Could your operation survive if it were hit with this financial liability?

What Does Cyber Liability Protection Cover?

Whether you’re a multinational with a substantial server room and a vast number of terminals, or a sole trader with a single laptop — our cyber protection insurance packages are tailored to suit the needs of your particular business.

By protecting your operation in its specific areas of threat, we can offer bespoke packages that are cost-effective — ensuring you pay only for the safeguarding you need, not what you don’t.

Although each Cyber Insurance policy is tailored to each business, the most common cover provided includes:

✔ Claims for breaches of privacy.
✔ Loss of profits arising from an insured cyber event.
✔ Damage or loss of your data, IT infrastructure, and records.
✔ Claims for loss of corporate, personal, or employee data.
✔ Penalties and fines due to breaches of privacy.

✔ Cyber business interruption — when caused by a covered cyber event.
✔ Rebuilding of your personal or business brand reputation.
✔ Breaching of your statutory duties.
✔ Liabilities and claims due to a virus, malware, or hacking attack.
✔ Infringements of trademarks and copyright.
✔ Defence and legal costs arising from a covered cyber event.
✔ Extortion — mediation and negotiation costs.
✔ Statutory regulator fines.
✔ Customer notification of personal data loss.

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How Much Does Insurance Against Cyber Attack Cost?

As specialists in cyber and data breach insurance, we will formulate a policy specific to the intrinsic risks of your business. This attention to detail ensures that our cyber coverage packages are both affordable and effective.

The Cyber Insurance cost generally depends upon:

  • Value of cover required.
  • Existing cyber security levels — for example, antivirus software.
  • Insurance claim history.
  • Your business industry sphere.
  • Size and turnover of your operation.
  • Extent of your IT infrastructure.
  • Number of employees with data/online access.
  • Volume and type of data stored.

Choosing AJ Insurance Services for Your Cyber Insurance Solutions

With AJ Insurance Services, you have the backing of one of Australia’s premier Cyber Insurance companies.

Our action-orientated approach ensures your business receives the focused, professional, and expert attention it deserves. Not just delivering custom-built policies that focus on your business cyber threats — but also offering effective data risk management strategies to reduce the likelihood of a claim.

Whether a global operation, SME, partnership or sole trader, you receive the same level of expert attention — for the long term. From the initial quotation through to claims handling, you take advantage of:


Cyber insurance specialists that understand your specific business needs


Peace of mind— a professional cyber cover expert on your side


Focused protection targeting your enterprise’s specific risks


Clarity — explaining the how and the why behind your cyber policy


Consistently and relentless, proactive attention


Affordable premiums

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