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Extensive daily interactions with guests and customers at your premises expose your business to serious risks — AJ Services’ Hospitality Insurance defends your enterprise against existential threats.

Although you already take exemplary measures to protect your priceless clientele — unexpected challenges can still arise. A guest falling ill, a customer tripping and experiencing injury, or accidental or malicious damage to your property.

Not only could these occurrences make you liable for significant claims and litigation expenses, but they could also severely damage your currently exceptional reputation. And, with time and money being required to rebuild, reinstate, and address lost revenues — it could threaten your operation’s continuance.

Planning for the unexpected is crucial. AJ Insurance Services’ expert brokers will formulate tailored policies to safeguard your hospitality business — delivering welcome peace of mind, and ensuring your operation continues to thrive.

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Who Needs Hospitality Industry Insurance?

If your business delivers services to the general public for the sake of entertainment, sustenance, enjoyment, or comfort — you’re part of the hospitality sector.

This broad spectrum of enterprises encompasses a vast number of operation types, sizes, and functions — ranging from modest cafés and bistros through to substantial hotels and theme parks.

As businesses such as these focus mainly on service provision rather than products — they’re at high risk of legal claims from dissatisfied customers. Furthermore, in dealing with extensive levels of public attendance or footfall, the threats of accidents are exacerbated.

At AJ Insurance Services, we’re specialists in delivering bespoke cover — created specifically for your operation — within the hospitality arena.

While not exhaustive, our most popular hospitality insurance policies include:

✔ Taverns, bar, and pub insurance.

Bistro and restaurant Insurance.

✔ Catering insurance.

✔ Hotel insurance — incorporating restaurant business insurance.

✔ Food truck insurance.

✔ Motel insurance.

✔ Insurance for nightclubs — including private members’ night club insurance.

✔ Cafe business insurance.

✔ Bakery insurance.

✔ Brewery insurance.

✔ Winery insurance.

✔ Country club insurance.

✔ Golf club Insurance.

✔ Takeaway shop insurance.

✔ Multisite and chain restaurant insurance.

✔ Insurance for bars and nightclubs on leased premises.

Tailoring Hospitality Cover to Address Your Enterprise

At AJ Insurance Services, we understand your hospitality business is unique.

That’s why, by working closely alongside you, we formulate tailored cover for your operation. This means that you’re extensively safeguarded in your enterprise’s specific areas of risk — and prevents you from paying for irrelevant or unsuitable protection.

Furthermore, we believe that communication, transparency, and understanding are key. 

We ensure that you not only receive the shielding your business needs and deserves — but also you understand why it’s important, how it functions in the event of a claim, and in which way it underpins your trading operation.

Our team of expert hospitality brokers will factor in your:

  • Target budget.
  • Operation-focused risks.
  • Coverage requirements.
  • Previous risk and claim history.
  • Particular concerns and areas of unease.

Once cover is formulated and instigated, you can take control of your insurance online — permitting you to keep track of your certificates and policy requirements. This ensures you’re always up-to-date, compliant, and aware.

For example, to ensure cover, a typical restaurant business will need:

  • Fire safety compliance.
  • Electrical equipment checks.
  • Deep cleaning systems.
  • Access certificates.
  • Etc.
Restaurant Insurance Cost.

Adding such policy requirements as anniversaries to your online account — you will receive timely reminder notices. This ensures that you do not negate cover by failing to adhere to insurance prerequisites, and ensures that your restaurant insurance cost is minimised.

What Does Hospitality Sector Insurance Cover?

Each of our Hospitality Insurance packages is unique — addressing the inherent risks concomitant to your operation.

As such, your particular schedule may contain a few, or all, of the following:

  • Property Insurance.
  • Business Interruption.
  • Tax Audit Insurance.
  • Contents — including burglary, theft, and accidental damage.
  • Electronic equipment and machinery breakdown.
  • Product and Public Liability.
  • Management Liability — including Professional Indemnity.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance.
  • Workers Compensation.
  • Employee Practices Liability.
  • Goods in Transit Protection.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance — including fleet cover.

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Hospitality Protection Insurance — Our Targeted Risk Management

At AJ Insurance Services, we take a proactive approach to the risk management of your hospitality operation. Delivering off-the-shelf cover isn’t part of our working ethos. Instead, we strive relentlessly to formulate bespoke cover and ensure you grasp the how and the why behind your insurance package.

Our in-house specialists will work with you to examine and understand the intrinsic threats to your operation. By delivering you with tools and advice to manage your areas of exposure — and detailing how they interact with your insurance policy — you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

Not only will this action-oriented risk management mitigate and minimise business dangers — but also permits us to negotiate effectively with our network of insurers. Meaning you receive the ultimate in comprehensive and cost-effective shielding.

AJ Insurance Services — Working Tirelessly for Your Hospitality Business

Whether you’re a sole trader requiring straightforward cafe insurance, or an entrepreneur with a vast portfolio of venues demanding complex nightclub liability insurance — AJ Insurance Services guarantees the pinnacle of professionalism, expertise, and focused attention.

Specialising in the niche arena of hospitality industry insurance — we will formulate tailored protection that addresses your operation’s inherent threats. Therefore ensuring you’re sufficiently safeguarded, while keeping premium expenses to a minimum.

Continually proactive, we will guide you through pre-emptive risk management, recommend tools to address these intrinsic challenges, and work ceaselessly on your behalf should a claim arise.

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