Motor Trades Insurance

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Insurance for Motor Trades

Whatever your area of specialisation in the vehicle industry, your business is at risk from unexpected events — Motor Trades Insurance delivers reassuring defence against costly claims.

The scope of commercial motor operations is vast — from small sole-trader diesel mechanics and car battery retailers, through to large-scale auto dealerships and car and marine upholstery operatives.

This extensive spectrum of trades means that whatever your sphere of expertise, you need specific and targeted safeguarding — protecting your business from inherent threats and ensuring it continues to thrive.

AJ Insurance Services are the experts in defending motor industry enterprises. Relentlessly proactive, we excel at building bespoke insurance policies that are tailored to your operation.

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Focused Protection for Motor Trades

At AJ Insurance Services, we know a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate for businesses in the motor sector.

For example, basic tow truck business insurance would be completely unsuitable for a panel beater — likewise, smash repairer business insurance lacks suitable cover inclusions for an exhaust shop.

Working with you, we will forge tailored safeguarding suitable for your operation. Not just defending you in your key threat areas — but also ensuring that you don’t pay for irrelevant cover.

The truth is, one significant event could heavily impact your profits — or close your business forever.

Insurance for Motor Trades.

Motor vehicles are high-value assets, you own premium tools necessary for your trade, and you deal with the public daily. Accidental damage to a client’s car, theft of your vital equipment, or an injury to a customer could lead to a hefty claim, legal fees, or compensation.

When building your tailored protection, some of the elements we consider include:


Size of your operation


Motor market your business operates within


Stock levels and values


Customer base and volume


Structure — for example, online seller, home trader, retail outlet, workshop, or forecourt


Mobile or static services


Inherent risks to your enterprise


Location of your motor trader business


Level of turnover


Number of employees


Cash handling and transportation


Road risk — whether employees or customer test drivers

What Businesses Are Protected by Insurance for the Motor Trade?

Whether you need auto parts business insurance, towing company insurance, or mobile diesel mechanic insurance — we can protect you.

Irrelevant of your motor specialisation, AJ Insurance Services will create bespoke safeguarding at a price point that doesn’t decimate your bottom line.

While by no means exhaustive, the most common policies our motor trade experts build include:

Car dealerships insurance

✔ Other motor dealerships insurance

✔ Automotive business insurance

✔ Transport business insurance

✔ Car audio installer insurance

✔ Heavy vehicle mechanics insurance

✔ Mechanic business insurance

✔ Car air conditioning repairer insurance

✔ Mobile mechanic insurance

✔ Automotive brake and clutch mechanic insurance

✔ Diesel mechanic insurance

✔ Exhaust shop insurance

✔ Automotive glass replacement insurance

✔ Steering and suspension mechanics insurance

✔ Panel beater insurance

✔ Farm equipment sales and service insurance

✔ Auto repair business insurance

✔ 4×4 and off-road mechanics insurance

✔ Auto electrician insurance

✔ Car parts retailers insurance

✔ Insurance for roadside assistance business

✔ Tow truck insurance

✔ Towing business insurance

✔ Engine building and balancing business insurance

✔ Boat mechanic insurance

✔ Car detailing business insurance

✔ Car wash business insurance

✔ Motor sporting facility insurance

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What Protection Does Insurance for Motor Trades Include?

Tow truck company insurance requirements will differ from automotive workshop insurance. Whatever your business cover needs, AJ Insurance Services will forge tailored protection targeting your operation’s areas of threat. 

While not exhaustive, our individual policies often include:

Commercial Property Insurance

Defends your business premises, stock, and contents from the risks of flood, fire, and storm. We can also cover customers’ property and motor vehicles that are left in your care. In some circumstances, it can offer limited protection against accidental damage.

Theft and Money Insurance

Burglary or forcible entry onto your site or into your workshop can result in costly losses. Our theft and money cover addresses the repair of any damages caused, or replacement of your stolen property.

Business Interruption Insurance

After an insured event — such as a fire or storm — you may not be able to trade until repairs are made. AJ Insurance Services’ Business Interruption Insurance addresses the impact on your gross profits in the event of a decline in income.

Glass and Signs Insurance

Provides cover for your motor trade operation for internal and external breakage of glass and signs. Typically, it includes out-of-hours replacement costs, illumination, and stock damage caused by broken glass.

General Liability Insurance

Defends your motor trade from third-party claims for injury or property damage occurring as a result of your activities. This includes events such as trips and falls, in addition to faulty products, parts, and inadequate workmanship.

Cyber Insurance

Malware, hacking, or spyware could result in significant data loss, business interruption, and reputation damage. AJ Insurance Services’ Cyber Insurance shields your business from claims arising from malicious attacks.

Tax Investigation Insurance

The ATO investigating your business can be stressful and expensive. Tax Investigation Insurance attends to professional fees — such as accountancy and audit — required in the event of a tax examination.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

A breakdown of a pneumatic paint sprayer, wheel alignment system, or MIG welder could restrict your ability to work. Our machinery cover addresses the costs of repair, and may also assist with the hire of a temporary unit.

Professional Risks Insurance

Claims for negligence, errors, or employee bullying can lead to significant compensation and legal fees. Our Professional Risks Insurance defends your vehicle business from costly expenses.

Hail Insurance

Substantial hail storms can break windows, destroy signage, and ruin vehicle bodywork. Our comprehensive Hail Insurance — mainly targeting dealerships — safeguards your operation from the costs of repairs and downtime caused by this natural phenomenon.

Test-Driving Insurance

Our comprehensive Test-Driving Insurance covers members of the public while taking your stock vehicles for a ride. This can include test drives made without a designated staff member present in your car or truck.

How Much Does Motor Trades Insurance Cost?

At AJ Insurance Services, we know that margins in motor trades are tight. That’s why we focus on building the most comprehensive yet cost-effective protection possible for your operation.

The price of adequate safeguarding depends on numerous factors — such as the level of threats inherent to your particular business, the size of your enterprise, customer volumes, and stock values.

For example, the race track owner insurance cost — with the intrinsic risks of accidents, personal injury, and high-powered vehicles — will be significantly higher than the price of insurance for tow truck business.

By building bespoke packages, you only pay for the shielding your operation needs — protecting your bottom line.

What’s more, with our proactive approach to risk management, we can advise on systems and practices to minimise threat — permitting further savings for your business.

Restaurant Insurance Cost.

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Why Choose AJ Insurance Services To Protect Your Motor Trade Business?

Whether you’re a vintage vehicle restorer, ICE specialist, or car wrapper — AJ Insurance Services will provide you with the pinnacle of professionalism, advice, and protection.

As motor trades specialists — we grasp the intricate, specific, and differing needs of this vast sphere. This permits our team of insurance experts to build the most suitable and defensive cover — while not damaging your gross profits.

Ceaselessly proactive on your behalf, we will work together to identify key threats and offer solutions to mitigate these intrinsic risks. And, in the event of a claim, we will act tirelessly to achieve smooth processing and speedy resolution.

Our promises to you include:

  • Attention from motor trades specialists.
  • Robust and relevant protection at affordable premiums.
  • Steering you away from irrelevant and unnecessary safeguarding.
  • Continuous support — behind you for the long haul.
  • Action-orientated claim handling and risk management.
  • A team with years of motor trade business insurance experience.

Insurance for Motor Trades FAQs

If I Repair Cars at Home Do I Need Insurance?

Yes. General Home and Contents Insurance will not protect you in the event of a claim. AJ Insurance Services will provide tailored and affordable protection for smaller motor trades businesses.

What Are Motor Trades Businesses?

It refers to any operation that provides services or retail related to motor vehicles. This extensive industry can include anything from marine engineers and panel beaters, through to car resprayers and exhaust shop owners.

Are Dealership Owners Included in Motor Trades Insurance?

Yes. As retailers of vehicles, dealerships come under the umbrella of motor trades. However, due to the particular and complex nuances of this sector, AJ Insurance has built bespoke Motor Dealership Insurance packages.

Does Motor Trades Insurance Cover Customer Cars?

Yes. As part of a bespoke insurance package, AJ Insurance Services can build cover that permits you to drive a customer’s car. Equally, we can incorporate safeguarding that allows your clients to test drive your vehicles.

What Is the Price of Insurance for Motor Trades?

The cost of motor trades protection depends on numerous factors — including the level of risks inherent to your operation, your sphere of work, size of your business, and customer footfall.

AJ Insurance Services’ Motor Trades Insurance is tailored to your operation’s needs — keeping your premiums to a minimum by only including the safeguarding your enterprise requires.

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