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Defending You and Your Business from Professional Services Claims

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Shield your enterprise and yourself from costly claims arising from your professional services and business management with AJ Insurance’s Professional Risks Insurance.

You already take extensive steps to ensure that your services, advice, and digital and social account management are exemplary — but mishaps can still occur. A simple oversight in counselling a client, an employee causing inadvertent loss to a customer, or a serious data breach — events that can rapidly damage your bottom line and reputation.

AJ Insurance Services’ expert advisors will deliver tailored professional risk cover to defend you against costly claims, deliver peace of mind, and protect your livelihood. Thus allowing you to concentrate fully on assisting your clients and growing your business.

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The Importance of Professional Risks Insurance in Australia

Your business managers and directors, officers and employees, strive to deliver the pinnacle of exceptional service to your customers and clients. However, one seemingly innocuous mistake or error could jeopardise your enterprise permanently.

With professional services increasingly under scrutiny, the upward availability of no-win-no-fee agreements, and an exponential rise in litigation — your Australia-based business is continually exposed.

Without sufficient safeguarding, you and your enterprise are at risk of:

  • Costly claims.
  • Significant legal fees — even if you’re not at fault.
  • Business disruption.
  • Reallocation of valuable time and resources.
  • Loss of reputation.
  • Brand damage.
  • Wasted time repairing and rebuilding.
  • Business closure and staff unemployment.

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Management Liability

Crucial cover that guards the officers, responsible members, and directors of your company. Management Liability Insurance protects against claims for fraud, mistakes, and negligence made, or alleged, in pursuance of your business services.

Typically this protection addresses both the defence and settlement of such third-party claims, as well as any additional compensation rulings.

Professional Indemnity

Safeguarding you and your enterprise with significant protection from claims for personal/bodily injuries, financial losses, or physical property damages that are experienced by a third party due to your acts, errors, or omissions. Our Professional Indemnity policies are bespoke to your sphere of operation.

Multimedia Liability

Guards businesses and officers typically within the advertising and marketing sectors from costly litigation. Most commonly, this can include claims of alleged liabilities from breaches of duty, defamation and libel, trademark infringement, copyright breaches, intellectual property, invasion of privacy, and false authorship attribution.

Employment Liability Risk Insurance

If you have employees, Employment Practices Liability Insurance is crucial. This valuable protection addresses claims made by your employees — whether current, historical, or prospective — against your managerial, officerial, or employment practices. Depending on the tailored cover, it can include liabilities for bullying, discrimination, unfair dismissal, and harassment.

Non-Profit and Associations Liability

Operating outside the private sector doesn’t exclude your undertaking from litigation. Associations and Non-profits cover shields the directors, employees, and officers of community groups and charities from claims arising from alleged wrongful acts experienced as a result of their enterprise’s activities.

Directors and Officers Liability

The officers and directors of your business can encounter personal claims of responsibility and liability resulting from the activities executed in their role. This includes members acting in executive, non-executive, advisory, honorary, and part-time positions. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance defends against these often distressing claims.

For all businesses with online capabilities, social media accounts, and digital data warehousing. Cyber Liability Insurance defends your operation from electronic threats — including breaches of security, hacking, phishing, and malware. This can encompass both first-party and third-party claims — such as financial loss, legal expenses, fines and penalties, and customer notification costs.

AJ Insurance — Your Pro Risk Specialists

As a leading professional risks broker, AJ Insurance will deliver the ultimate in bespoke policy protection for your enterprise.

Working to understand the structure, demands, and needs of your operation, we will identify its key professional threats, challenges, and opportunities. Forging a robust risk management pathway, we will empower you to mitigate inherent exposures and provide the most suitable cover from our network of trusted insurers.

Choosing AJ Insurance Services as your Professional Risk Insurance experts means benefiting from:

✔ Experts who take the time to understand your operation.
✔ Insurance, recommendations, and advice based on your unique requirements.
✔ Long-term partnership — from initial consultation to claims management.
✔ Reassurance — knowing you have a professional risk expert on your side.
✔ Specialist team trusted by professionals across Australia.
✔ Tailored protection focusing on your business and industry sector.
✔ Transparency — giving you the how and the why behind your policy.
✔ Competitive and affordable premiums.

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