What We Do


Insurance Quoting

Working with you, the customer, we obtain any and all relevant information regarding your insured risk, to build an effective and wholesome insurance program, before taking it to the insurance market for quotation. Once quotes have been received from the insurance market, we will then negotiate for any product amendments, extensions of cover and discounts. 

Risk Management Analysis & Implementation

We strive to provide in depth analysis, research and advice around your business and applicable risks. More so, how to reduce said risks and the likelihood of future claims. Our Risk Management programs are designed to be simple to implement and compliment your insurance program. We don't want to run your business, but we do want to help you manage risk better where it is possible

Claims Management

By far the most important aspect of what we at AJ Insurance Services do as an Insurance Broker. We pride ourselves on providing the best of the best claims service, where everything we do in our business revolves around being able to do so. We take charge of your claim, guiding you through the rebuilding process, while having the claim assessed, and the rebuilding process taking place. We will be by your side whenever you need us, for the full duration of your loss supporting you how we can. 

Renewal Marketing & Negotiations

Each year, AJ Insurance Services goes through the quoting process all over. We obtain up to date information for your covers if we don't already have it, and approach the relevant and often changing insurance markets once more to obtain, best coverage for the best price. We re-negotiate in all cases and ensure premiums are relative to the risk you present to an insurer.